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Alligator Strategy

Digital Currency Guy Alligator Strategy


Learn To Make Money Whether the Market is Going Up or Down!

The DCG  Alligator Strategy is a trading technique that I have perfected to use in trading, stocks, forex, equities, futures, options and of course Crypto Currencies.  My Alligator strategy was inspired by Bill Williams Alligator Strategy.  Bill Williams  introduced the Alligator which is a system that uses three displaced moving averages to isolate market trends.

Bill William Alligator consists of the following:

  • 13-period moving average displaced by 8 periods into the future (blue)

  • 8-period moving average displaced by 5 periods into the future (red)

  • 5-period moving average displaced by 3 periods into the future (green)

Bill William Alligator Strategy has been improved upon and the DCG has created an Alligator Strategy that includes Price, Market Sentiment, and Economic Indicators.  William Alligator Strategy uses 3 moving averages, DCG Alligator Strategy uses 7.    DCG has improved a system and teaches other trades how to deploy a winning Strategy.

Many of my students have used this strategy to successful trade crypto currencies.


My DCG strategy use four pillars and 2 intangibles.

I have used these four pillars to find 85% swing trading success over the last few years. The four pillars are:

Learn Bitcoin Trading From Digital Currency Guy Today DCG digitalcurrencyguy

  • Candlesticks

  • Moving Averages

  • Price

  • Volume

The 2 Intangibles are:

  • Market Sentiment

  • Economic Events

I provide a in depth analysis of this strategy via online video.  If you would like to learn a strategy that members of DCG, and clients have found extremely successful for trading, please order today.

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