DCG Coaching CALL

Congratulations on taking your trading to the next level

I Love My DCG Members! 20 classes a week, 4 classes a day, we sometime run out of time. Due to the amount of support we have with scheduled classes, 24/7 what’s app, ability to send a message to me, I am really limited on time. If your interested in private coaching, ask me about DCG Elite.

Let’s go over a few house rules for scheduling a call.

Block off a solid hour: Again, this ain’t no lame-o “training” call. You’re going to get trading jewels and clarity ON THE ACTUAL CALL. So show up and make sure there are no distractions or meetings you need to run to. Ideally have an additional 30 mins afterwards to process your notes from the call.

No driving or distractions: You asked for help. DCG team is here to help you. Everyone needs to show up 100% fully invested. This hour could change the entire trajectory of your trading, so make sure you’re in a quiet place with your notifications turned off, no driving or other distractions. If we hear that you’re driving, I have instructed DCG members to end the call.

Traders should come to the call invested and with questions: If you run your trading business the DCG way, your time management, mindset calls, and planning will allow you to prepare for the call. My goal is to work with you and create much more momentum for you.

Bring a notebook: You’re gonna have an epiphany (or 12). It’s a lot to absorb and folks who don’t take notes tend to get mad because it’s close to impossible to keep it all in your head after. You want change, come prepared.

You asked the Universe for a change. It’s here. And I’m really excited for you.

Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be on a call like this… but on my DCG Elite Team. You’ll have seen for yourself that what we do WORKS.

Lastly. Reschedules Are Hard: I've kept these calls open to DCG Mastermind members, but please take these calls and time serious. If you miss the zoom call, then please wait till next month for your next call.

I hope you’re looking forward to it as much as we are.