Professional Crypto Currency Swing Trader Jamar James Get To Know Me.

I am Jamar James,

The lucky guy in the Middle.

I have found the best way to trade crypto currency. (

I have found a different way to teach it.

I used to get so frustrated with guys and girls telling me how complicated it was for them to understand crypto, understand trading.

When I tell folks about my method, some traders-the ones who never leave their office- look confused.

For the ones who like to trade, but also want to enjoy life, they see how it makes sense.

Swing trading is a better way to learn how to trade.

(I can also show you the lessons I had to learn to get here.)

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My story begins in 2004, when I used to own a real estate company.


From the outside, I was the perfect example of a successful entrepreneur, and I was one. However, to be honest, I was in over my head. I had three offices, a ton of agents and employees, and a ton of taxes. I was very busy every weekend, every evening, and just had a newborn. I was spread thin back in 2004 to 2009.

I had grown my real estate empire to be a success.  As the money came my empire grew. I was doing what I thought all entrepreneurs were doing. I was BUILDING. But I soon realized I was building at the cost of my time and freedom and I wasn’t happy.

Clearly, I was doing something wrong.

I was trying to scale, trying to get more properties to flip, dealing with more and more agents and starting more business ventures all on my own. I realized quickly I had lost my focus; I needed a better support system. I was simply doing too much.  I can show you how not to get stuck in this trap.

But that is not all.

The taxes- Don’t even get me started on the tax issues of an entrepreneur. Most people who do not understand an entrepreneur life probably will think at this point, stop complaining. (I am not complaining, I am sharing! ) Cash flow problems and tax problems are real problems if you are over leveraged. Yet in the middle of all my real estate problems, I believed these were just normal growing pain problems, this was just entrepreneur stress.

Stress is normal for some folks who do not have all the answers.


For me, it was not normal. I am honest, I did not have all the answers. Shell shocked and frustrated, I got a business coach. He told me to sell everything, exit the real estate market, reduce stress and he would show me another way.

Stop beating yourself up, get help and restart. 


Once I listened to my coach and sold all my business, I felt the burden being taken off my shoulder.

 I began trading as it always interested me. I liked the idea of no office, no employees, no overhead. My goal was to learn how to trade, and then to help entrepreneurs restructure their lives and time as my coach did for me.  I knew I wanted to coach people.

When I first started to trade, I was trading Gold, Oil, ETFS, Commodities, and Futures markets. Of course, I chose very high stress markets (I guess challenge is in my DNA.) The ETFS were great vehicles to swing trade. I loved it and did well! After successfully swing trading for a few years, I did what all traders do. I thought I am a natural and I want to day trade. So, I started searching for a better edge. I started tweaking my strategy. I was jumping around from one day trading course to the next, using the latest indicators, trying to find another edge. Half of my account was in swing trades; the other half was left for day trading. After about 6 months, my swing trading account had grown FAT. My day trading account had stayed SKINNY.

I lost a bunch of small trades over and over again.


I had spent all my time trying to figure out the magic in trading charts when I was trend trading successfully and had a system to identify the trend before others. As a result, I got burnt out day trading. I was losing the excitement. My swing trading strategy was boring and effective. When I first started trading, I wanted to constantly trade, it was an adrenaline rush. I felt I needed to trade to work on my skills. I started trading all the time. Even when the markets closed, I still wanted to trade.

That is when I found the cryptocurrency market. I found a market that NEVER closed, and I became hooked.  

I would trade the stock market until it closed, and then I would move over to the crypto market. I was doing too much trading and as a day trader, that means being locked to your screen. The more I traded, the less time I had with the family and that had a negative impact on my family time and my account. I begin to question my passion; I begin to ask myself, “how much fun was it day trading?”

Most traders before their “breakthrough”, consider quitting to focus on a day job and family. 

But for me, it was a different reality. I had my breakthrough by realizing that during all my day trading rush, I spent less time swing trading.

That’s when the light bulb hit, I was more profitable swing trading.


Day trading combined with swing trading becomes fun. I love the markets when I am not forcing it. When I was not forcing the market, I started to have more time. It was then that I realized the biggest light of them all. I was doing most of my swing trading without sitting in front of CHARTS all day.

You read that correctly; I was swing trading without using charts, without being frustrated, and without spending all of my time in front of the computer.

I used the Alligator Strategy a few times a month to catch the trend. I would identify news, identify the momentum and this would help me chose the right coins and stay in a trade. Using the alligator strategy, I could catch the trend, place a trade and walk away.

The biggest shift in my trading breakthrough came when I realized I had more time to do other things.


With my trading expectations lowered, I gained back my time. The time I got back had a huge impact on my income. I decided I was now ready to coach. I wanted to share with the world what I had learned, and how it had changed my life. I wanted to help others change their lives too!

Trading Education, Strategy, Confidence, and Execution are the pillars for new traders. 

For new and experienced traders, they will agree, when you are making money, confidence will return to trading. For me, when it comes to coaching, it’s all about helping guys get more time, trade without charts and make less trades with bigger gains. The goal is to teach my students my swing trading strategy, so they can start making money and learn this trade on their own. My goal is to have my students make money so that their confidence is there. You cannot buy confidence, it’s something that you gain with my strategy.

I also wanted to develop my education program because I’ve seen what’s out there, and realized it was time for a change. In 2019 many of the methods being taught about trading are outdated. Twenty-year-old trading strategies are still being taught. 20 years ago, there was no Facebook, there was no twitter so why these methods wouldn’t update to include such pivotal news sources is crazy to me. (Confession. Charts cannot predict any Trump Tweet impacting the markets.) But new market sentiment tools give you a heads up and I will show you.

Today, as a trader, as a coach, my job is to share my strategy and build confidence. If you are a trader who is burned out or filled with dread, fear and anxiety; or if you are brand new to trading and don’t know where to start, let me help you.

Education, knowledge and experience helps new and experienced traders implement a strategy that produces wins. 

This is a different mindset: the tools you use should bring you clarity in trading. 

The right coach should accelerate your trading ability and help reinforce confidence in your trading system. The alligator strategy is a system that will help you and I will give it to you. The coaching I offer will help you build confidence, help you trust the system, help you reduce the stress, and eliminate the fear. If you want more time in your life, if you want to own your own resources, if you want to swing trade, you came to the right person. I learned how to do all of this in my own life. I am living my strategy in my daily life.

I can give you more time back in your life through trading. I can help you build trading confidence. I can help you change your life through trading.


That is what the DCG team is about. Let me share it with you.

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